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Our Core Members

Our core members and admin team are all alumnae of the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, and met during studies on postgraduate music courses. They include Mianoora (Jole) Kosonen, Arianna Ranieri, Sam MacAdam-Subedi and Olivia Vjekoslava Tomasovic. 

The collective was founded in early 2022, by Edyta Mydlowska, Sarah Nail (now both are Associated Artists), Mianoora Kosonen, and Arianna Ranieri after a successful first concert in November 2021, featuring violin, viola, cello and two pianists. Our harpist, Sam MacAdam-Subedi, joined the team in summer of 2022 and Olivia Vjekoslava Tomasovic joined our core team in November of 2022.

We had all shared the same goal of wanting to give ourselves and other women performance and leadership opportunities after graduating from music school, and empowering women as freelancers, and creative, professional artists. This inspired us to begin a women-led ensemble, collaborating with different emerging ensembles and artists.

Our concerts are flexible, some featuring only our core members performing as a full ensemble, or in smaller chamber groups. For the large concerts and projects that we host, we invite other professional musicians to join us across a wide range of disciplines, including woodwind, percussion, voice, brass, strings and more.

What makes our collective unique is our commitment to collaborative programs that create a professional performance platform for women and other emerging artists like us. Another major part of our mission is that we believe classical music can and should be an open and inviting environment to be enjoyed by all. In our concerts, we take time to speak to our guests and explain our pieces, allowing everyone to be a part of the performance.

Each concert ends with a final piece that includes all the Core Members, specially arranged by our core team members.

WICM performs in various settings, we host our own events, perform in concert series, private concerts, and tour our own performances. In 2022 WICM had the honour of being requested to perform for HRH the Princess Royal with Scotland's Churches Trust. WICM is also registered with Chamber Music Scotland, and can be found in the CMS directory. 


Mianoora (jole) Kosonen


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Arianna Ranieri



Sam MacAdam



Olivia Vjekoslava Tomasovic


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