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Women in Chamber Music 

Founded in Scotland | A professional classical music ensemble and collective led by women, performing with unique instrumental collaborations, while bringing classical music closer to the community. 

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- Dr DJ Johnston Smith, Director, Scotland's Churches Trust 

“We were absolutely thrilled by Women in Chamber Music’s wonderful afternoon performance for our guests and our Patron, HRH The Princess Royal, at our recent summer “Gathering” in Glasgow. Their exciting, varied and thoroughly engaging programme, encompassing the works of Gershwin, Piazzolla, Brahms, Williams, Britten, Schubert, Debussy and more, was an absolute delight and was the talk of the reception that followed.'

The professionalism and care they took before, during and after the event was hugely appreciated, both by ourselves and by the venue staff, and their very evident talent, enthusiasm and sheer joy for the marvellous music they had selected and arranged shone brightly throughout their performance. I very much look forward to seeing them play and working with them again in the future.”    

Magical performance today in a beautiful gothic space (St. Andrews West Parish Church, The Spire Series), I really was on the verge of weeping at one point then later on I laughed out loud-wonderful. thank you. 

Christopher, GLASGOW

Magical concert, gifted performers, creative arrangements, stunning setting (St. Conan's Kirk). I loved every minute of this gem of a concert! Thanks for sharing your talents, what a treat!



About WICM

Women in Chamber Music is a women-led, professional, music collective based in Glasgow, Scotland. All of our performers are young, professional musicians and recent music school graduates, who have studied in world-class institutions across the UK, US and Europe.


We have a few missions as an ensemble and collective. We are passionate about providing and creating performance platforms for women musicians, as well as performing concerts in collaboration with other new ensembles. We perform creative programs with our unique instrumentation, and our concerts are thoughtfully curated.

Another major part of our mission is that we believe classical music can and should be an open and inviting environment to be enjoyed by all. In our concerts, we take time to speak to our guests and explain our pieces and program, allowing everyone to be a part of the performance experience. We are striving to bring classical music closer to the community. 

A portion of proceeds from all our concerts will go to the 

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